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SIMICHROME…the world’s finest industrial grade metal polish. An excellent finishing polish and purging compound. Words can’t do SIMICHROME justice, so try it yourself for FREE!

BlueAway…the fantastic cleaner for dies, molds, and to remove heat-caused “blu-ing” from stainless steel welds. Excellent purging compound, too. For more information on both products, go to competitionchemicals.com For your free sample of Simichrome, call 641-648-5121 and ask for dept. 733. Click here for product information

Weldon Solutions Peel Grinding Revolution

Weldon manufactures 3 CNC grinder models engineered with high-speed spindle capability and the stiffness required for vitrified CBN abrasive Peel grinding applications. Peel grinding provides an alternative to hard turning for lower tooling “cost-per-piece” and better handling of surface interruptions such as keyways and slots that can be difficult to address with single-point turning tools. Designed for high production OD grinding on parts up to 16" diameter and 60" overall length.

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