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SIMICHROME…the world’s finest industrial grade metal polish. An excellent finishing polish and purging compound. Words can’t do SIMICHROME justice, so try it yourself for FREE!

BlueAway…the fantastic cleaner for dies, molds, and to remove heat-caused “blu-ing” from stainless steel welds. Excellent purging compound, too. For more information on both products, go to competitionchemicals.com For your free sample of Simichrome, call 641-648-5121 and ask for dept. 733.

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Waterjet Cuts Virtually Anything…Including Costs!

Jet Edge’s Mid Rail Gantry waterjet system produces complex parts out of virtually any material. Its sturdy construction ensures lasting precision and accuracy. Designed to easily accommodate overhead loading, the Mid Rail Gantry is available in multiple sizes. It comes standard with one cutting head. A second cutting head can be added. Optional mirroring cuts cycle time in half. Made in the U.S.A!
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Vulcanized Collet Head Trade-in Program, Discounts and Free Product!

Hardinge offers vulcanized collet head TRADE-IN program, discounts and free product! Hardinge will take your worn vulcanized collet heads (any brand) and give you 40% off the equal number of FlexC™ 65mm collet heads for CNC lathes. Purchase 5 heads and get the chuck, linkup and wrench FREE! For collet heads only, take 25% off the list price. 42mm collet heads available soon. Call 800-843-8801 or info@shophardinge.com. Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Cut Faster and Safer

Ever break a tool? Stall a spindle? Lose part tolerance from tool deflection?

Fast is good, Fast & Safe is best. Set best feeds for each tool cut, while ensuring safe machining conditions – automatic and affordable.

Would you drive your car at just one speed? Why run your tool at just one feed?

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XT-3000 Xpandable Tool Sharpener

Darex announces the first of several new attachments for their XT-3000 Xpandable tool sharpener. The XT-3000 sharpens a variety of drills and cutting tools. This new chuck allows you to accurately grip Common shank diameter and Morse taper drills. The chuck can sharpen drills with diameters between 3-12mm quickly and accurately.

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Eliminates Setup Time…5 Different Parts in Just 5 Minutes!

New from Prima Finn-Power, the FAST BEND (FBe) – a flexible, servo-electric bending machine that will revolutionize the world of press brakes. The FBe can bend 5 different parts with different thicknesses and alloys in just 5 minutes. It fills the needs of today’s fabricators regarding the press brake operation. The FBe is often referred to as a high-end, new generation press brake.

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High-precision Toolholder

Sandvik Coromant has introduced the Hydro-Grip HD (Heavy Duty), an extension of the Hydro-Grip line that brings secure tooling performance to heavy roughing applications.

The Hydro-Grip family of high-precision toolholders offers secure tool clamping across many different applications, ranging from finishing to heavy roughing from a 0.236" – 1.26" bore diameter. The toolholders hold tolerances within microns to improve tool accuracy, component surfaces and productivity.

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